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These Are A Few Notes To Help You Better Navigate This Website

The Doll Page Market Place is designed to be an easy site to navigate with regular navigation link buttons clearly displayed on the left side of most site pages.

The home page opens first when you arrive at the site and you can return to it easily by clicking on the Home button from any other regular site page. Text on the home page is by way of introduction to the website.

The shopping page, accessed by clicking the Shop button, provides access to the member stores. Each member store is displayed with a thumbnail image, a store name and a short description. Clicking on the thumbnail image or store name will open the member's store in a new browser window.

Each member store provides access to any of the member's listings currently available in their store. The store page starts with the store name or banner, followed by the longer description, a category selection pick list, and then a list of any items available in the store. To return to the main website, just close the member's store browser window.

The category selection pick list allows you to choose to view only the available items in a single category, or in all categories at once. When you first open the member's store page you will be shown all items (in all categories). Select from the pick list and click the "Display by Category" button to see only items in your selected category.

The listed items are displayed with a small picture, often called a thumbnail, the item title and the category in which the item has been placed. Clicking on the thumbnail image or the listing title displays the individual item listing. To return to the member's store, close the listing browser window. To return to the main website, just close the member store browser window.

The item listing diplays text and/or pictures describing the item for sale, states the price and provides shopping cart or email links, and shipping, payment and/or other terms. To return to the member store page, just close the listing page browser window.

The sign-up page is accessed by clicking the Join button. It provides the step-by-step procedure for signing up as a new Doll Page Market Place member, takes you to PayPal to establish a monthly payment process and then brings you back to the local site to set up your member store. Only sellers need to sign up. Buyers are free to visit stores, view listings and make purchases without creating a member account.

The member account area is accessed by clicking the Member button and provides tools for managing your account, store, listings and pictures. Each of the member account menu items will open a management tool in a new browser window. To return to the member account page, just close the management tool browser window. If, for some reason, you failed or were not allowed to create a store when you first signed up, an empty store "shell" will be automatically created upon your first entry to your member account management page. You will then be instructed to edit/setup your store first. For best results, please attend to this before adding any listings.

The Help button, as you have probably discovered, brings you to this page. Close this browsers window to return to the main website. Other help pages are available throughout the site. Most of these are linked using this graphic:help which will take you directly to the relevant portion of the appropriate help page. You can review these help pages in their entirety by clicking one each of the three links below.

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