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Before contacting us please be aware that we have a tiny staff and don't have the knowledge or resources to answer most of your questions. Most inquiries we receive ask us if we can help estimate the value of (or dispose of) a doll or a collection, usually recently inherited. What dolls are worth is usually a matter for experts and requires inspection of the item(s) or at least a very detailed item description accompanying good quality photographs.

Over the years we have assembled a pretty good list of resources which could help you much better than we could. Please take a few moments to look through it and see if you can find what you're looking for here.

Otherwise, you can email us here:

Unfortunately, many collectibles aren't worth as much in financial value as we'd like. Dolls that were manufactured and distributed in mass quantities are worth much less than dolls made in Limited Editions (LE) of a few hundred or even much less. To find out what your dolls are worth you'll have to do a little research.

The 1st place you want to look is eBay. Although the value of an item can vary from one evaluation to another, the actual value is set by how much someone will pay for it. And it's probable that more dolls have been bought and sold on eBay in the last 10 years than any other place on earth, so a lot can be learned there.

To determine the value of an item you have to know something about it. So take a look through eBay's Collectible Dolls Buying Guide which will help identify many types of dolls for you:

Once you know what you're dealing with you can now get a pretty good idea of what similar items are going for by looking at eBay's listings:

When you get there just look around a little to get a feel for how everything is arranged and then use the eBay search feature to help find the specific type of thing you're looking for.

Doll forums, where doll collectors meet, are another great place to start. Most forums discuss a particular type of doll or style, like Barbies or Genes or BJD's. Some forums require (free) registration to post a comment or question, and some forums are open to everyone.

A good list of doll forums is available at

If there is one nearby, we would suggest taking the dolls to an antiques dealer for appraisal and possible consignment. An auction house in your area would be another option you may want to look into. If neither of these avenues are available, you may want to contact the McMasters-Harris Auction Company which is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, which specializes in Antique Doll & Toy auctions and appraisals. They may be able to further assist with identification or perhaps refer you to someone knowledgeable in your area. Here's a link to their website's homepage:

We'll add some more reference information as we find it.

Good luck!